Jewelry by Scotch and Hammer
Art Jewelry handmade in the U.S.A

"Only an artist can look at a pile of rocks and see gems within!"...anonymous

TLZ Productions Inc. was started to develop and manufacture fresh ideas in the garment industry.
Accessories have always been a passion of mine.
They allow the clothes you buy, that are produced by the 1000's,
to be individually you!
It makes sense that you would want your jewelry to be original.
We create jewelry that is individually handmade one at a time.
We cut our own gem stones creating something new every time. Sometimes it is because of the shape and dimension or the pattern of the stone has been perfectly framed.
We are always on the lookout for fresh natural color in exotic gemstones!

We create a series that we call The Basics.
Our selection of metals gives you the option to
be whatever you are feeling!
In our study of form and function, we have developed exclusive shapes to wear!

Our Fashion Gallery gives you the latest trends in an exclusive piece, the stone cannot be duplicated...
we only cut at a time.

From smithing to lost wax casting, chased or forged each application gives a different look and feel.
We know the piece you purchase from us will last a life time
 and more!

.....and yes the Scotch is what we sip when we are Hammering!


Teresa and Michael

"I have never been sorry for buying a piece of jewelry,
 but I have been sorry about the jewelry I didn't buy!"...anonymous