The shape is free form Crescent Moon Pendent on leather.
2 1/4'' from the top of the bail to point on the bottom.
The Sterling Silver hook holds the Shibuichi moon. Scotch and Hammer Cuffs-SS Set
Lost wax casting allows sterling silver to  casually wrap the finger. Carved palm branches are a detailed all over pattern on the ring. Sonora Sunrise Cuff
Kimono Ring Medium
Price: $88.00
Sonora Sunrise Cuff
Price: $235.00
Scotch and Hammer Cuff-LLG Lemon Chrysoprese Cuff
Sterling Wave Collar Sterling Silver and Petrified Palm Wood Ring
Sterling Wave Collar
Price: $195.00
Gold Filled and Black Onyx Necklace Copper Cuff with Crazy Lace
Charoite and Sterling Silver Ring
Shibuichi Ring- The Full Circle Wave
Free Form Lovers Pendant Silver Wave Ring
Silver Wave
Price: $285.00
Dinasour Bone Ring
Price: $225.00
Gold Filled and Black Onyx Earrings Sterling Silver Kimono Ring Wide
Kimono Ring Wide
Price: $148.00
Alaskan Fossil Cuff set with Sterling Silver. The large Alaskan Fossilized Coral cabochon is placed off center on our exclusive  cuff.
Sterling silver accents  the grey green hue making it a natural all year round. Sterling Silver Mans Ring
Alaskan Fossil Cuff
Price: $375.00
Sterling Silver Square Ring
Shibuichi Woven Cuff
Price: $178.00