Shibuichi Ring- The Full Circle Wave
Sterling Wave Collar Gold Filled and Black Onyx Earrings
Sterling Wave Collar
Price: $195.00
Lost wax casting allows sterling silver to  casually wrap the finger. Carved palm branches are a detailed all over pattern on the ring. Copper Cuff with Crazy Lace
Kimono Ring Medium
Price: $88.00
Sonora Sunrise Cuff Sterling Silver and Petrified Palm Wood Ring
Sonora Sunrise Cuff
Price: $235.00
Sterling Silver Mans Ring Silver Wave Ring
Silver Wave
Price: $285.00
Charoite and Sterling Silver Ring Scotch and Hammer Cuffs-SS Set
Alaskan Fossil Cuff set with Sterling Silver. The large Alaskan Fossilized Coral cabochon is placed off center on our exclusive  cuff.
Sterling silver accents  the grey green hue making it a natural all year round. The shape is free form Crescent Moon Pendent on leather.
2 1/4'' from the top of the bail to point on the bottom.
The Sterling Silver hook holds the Shibuichi moon.
Alaskan Fossil Cuff
Price: $375.00
Sterling Silver Square Ring
Dinasour Bone Ring
Price: $225.00
Free Form Lovers Pendant Lemon Chrysoprese Cuff
Gold Filled and Black Onyx Necklace Sterling Silver Kimono Ring Wide
Kimono Ring Wide
Price: $148.00
Scotch and Hammer Cuff-LLG
Shibuichi Woven Cuff
Price: $178.00